My Chevrona

All matter of things chevron – from hearth to home for fall. Even though this pattern has been around for a while now… there are no signs of stopping in sight so let’s get edgy before it’s too late!


Paint some cute pumpkins yourself by using some tape to block out every other stripe.

Chevron Painted Pumpkins!20

Use chevron wrapping paper as drawer liners by sticking on some contact paper adhesive over the top. Then cut to size and you have some drop dead gorgeous drawers 🙂

gold chevron wallpaper {temporary so you can remove and reapply if needed}

Reminds me of the back of cupid’s bow. Ouch don’t shoot!

Feathervane Bronze Chevron Earrings by Laurel Hill Jewelry on Scoutmob Shoppe. Spice up a simple outside with these handmade dangling chevron earrings.

Who doesn’t love some unique nail designs, and these my dears is not as hard as it looks to do yourself. Just “criss cross you don’t stop” but steaaadddyyy. Adding some glitter lines helps cover up any of the messy parts.

brown shades of nail polish for nail designs

Tick tock, there’s some chevron on this clock.


Buon Appetito

Charcoal walls, chevron rug, leaning wall mirror and wooden table. Nice mix of modern, rustic, artsy style. Dining room inspiration.

Extra comfy for your bootie.

Cocoa Chevron Desk Chair by Old Hickory Tannery at Horchow. LOVE this

Reclaimed wood can be so beautiful.

Love the herringbone reclaimed wood wall with the dyed oyster shell fireplace surround.

Can’t wait for the halloween decor! Coming soon my dears.

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