chalkboard ghosts shrug

Chalkboard Style Clothing

So I was going to write about the cool chalkboard trend on clothing but strangely couldn’t find alot to choose from. What’s up with that? Chalkboard designs are all over home decor, stationery and wall art but what happened to clothing? Trends usualy dip into all types of consumer products. I got more success searching under the term “graffiti” rather than just “chalkboard”. So… I am posting some stuff I did find AND maybe the inventory in the market will grow soon.

Chalkboard Inspired Scarf


Desigual Sketched Dress


Chalkboard illusion dress.


Some of these patterns would look cool on leggings.


Colorful chalkboard nail art.


Cool mens mustache chalk sketched tie.


Chalkboard heels. “A new look every time”


Grey chalkboard ghosts shrug.


“Love needs no translation” tee.


Happy chalkboard hunting!

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