Uncomfortable Consequences of Biracial Racism


How could I possibly understand the difficulties of a biracial family? I’m half white and half puerto rican but have always just looked Italian all my life. Noone has ever looked at me strange in public before simply because of the color of my skin. But now I have learned a small portion of the diffulculties of being in a bi racial family…on accident. It has opened my eyes and taught me to respect others even more than before. I embrace race and cultures and we can all find something beautiful in all people no matter where they come from or what they look like. Isnt that part of what it is to be an American? I guess in our country we are free to be whoever we are but many still are free to like and unlike people for who they are too. Do people have a right to be racist? I don’t know…but it feels…uncomfortable and disappointing.

I used to work as a nanny while in college about 8 years ago. I watched a very affluent french carribean family’ son. They looked black but I never thought of them as a color. I more recognized them as a very nice French Carribean family. Matthew was 4, tiny, shy and adorable. We had so much fun together. I used to let him jump on the bed and we used to take walks by the waterway by where he lived. We would look at the nice yachts and look for crabs crawling on the poles. I take full responsibility teaching him to say the word “crab”. I still remember exactly how he’d say it…”cwab”. Haha so cute.

One day I took him to Liberty Science Center for a few hours. Located in Jersey City, a very diverse community, after all, Ellis Island is there and that’s  where soooo many immigrants came  through.

Anyway, we spent the day looking at science exhibits, watching an Imax movie, petting sea creatures and having lunch. But what a very strange day… Everyone kept staring at us. I couldnt understand why. People staring longer than usual, staying away from us, looking at us as if they felt sorry for us. So weird!

I put it out of my head…and then a few days later it hit me like a ton of bricks! Those moms, those employees…they thought Mathew was my son! I was a white looking girl with a black looking little boy. I was also around 24 so I looked like a very young mom too.

Jeez how awful. There are many people that have to endure that on a daily basis. And finally wow now I have a small little increment of an idea of how it must feel to be in a bi racial family or to be a very young mother.

When you judge people, don’t think they don’t know you are. They can see you looking and your facial expressions. Shouldn’t we be over this already? All judging, not just with race…with everything, with all people. Then again, the catholic church judges abortions and divorce and many people judge the church  right back. People judge the poor and people judge the rich. Maybe all this discrimination is in our human blood?

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  1. Consider less that judgement is applied; we are a discerning people, after all. Consider more what judgement is being passed. Then, if you can manage to put prejudice and victimhood out of your mind, consider the real world basis for that judgement.


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