Fantabulous Fashion Friday: Zippery Doo Da

Zippers are zipping all over fashion and here are some cute elements to add to your fashion ensemble. Zip up!

Asymmetrical Zipper Coat

image -on-thecorner-com/

This jacket also has a zipper around the collar. I know because I have it 🙂


Oxblood Jessica Simpson boots with long zippers up both sides.


Love this cutout back zipper detail.


Zippered Biker Jeans


Zipper Leather Gloves by Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Gloves, Leather with Zipper

Soft Metallic Zipper Scarf

love the scarf...also love that she has @Brooke Polivka 's face


Awww! Zipper Jumpsuit for the kiddies 🙂

mini rodini biker jumpsuit

Swarovski Zipper Ring

So fun!:  Sparkle Swarovski Crystal 18K GP Gold & Silver Two-tone Zipper




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