The universe has no use for your logic


How many times have we heard it when something tragic or unexpected happens: “But it doesn’t make sense.”

When a small child dies. A good family loses their home after losing a breadwinning job.

Or, on the flip side, when the slacker who surfs most of the day sells his brilliant idea for millions?hand with euro coin

One of my resolutions this year is to stop trying to make sense of what happens. Because my small human mind just cannot.

I will not understand most things when looked at from a purely human perspective.

And the universe has no use for my logic.

If I call on my faith, sometimes that works. The small child was meant to come here to open up the hearts and minds of a select group of people. And that happened through this child’s death more effectively than if he or she had lived into octogenarian years. Comforting?…

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