Cool Ways to Re-purpose Mason Jars

One of the best parts about finding ways to re-purpose your mason jars…is that you can create something so useful, creative and unique out of an old jar of tomato sauce that was just going to become garbage. Ahhhh, the feeling of pride you get using it for the new “use” it is for you. Whether it’s creating an organized jar for all of your sewing accessories, to a decorative piece you can put over your mantle or on your book case… I just love all the possibilities.

Isn’t there just something so quaint about cute little containers? Here are 8 fun ways!

Mason Jar Crafts

1. Mason Jar Sewing Kit:

2. Hanging Mason Jar Lantern:

3. Mason Jar Planting Pots: (this article has a lot of great advice on what kinds of herbs to plant in them too)

4. Chic Mason Jar Vase:

5. Mason Jar Soap Dispensers:

6. Mason Jar Candy Jars:

7. Mason Jar Bathroom Decor and Organization:

8. Make your own Mason Jar Candles: (this girl makes it look so easy, I am going to try it!)

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