My Fav Fall and Winter Blake Lively Looks

So after discovering that actress Blake Lively has no stylist, I’ve come to appreciate even more her awesome fashion choices. I think her style is most unique among other celebrities because her ensembles bring out her unique personality.
Huffington Post has more info here:

I find her clothing “lively” just like in her name. Here are some of my fav fall and winter collections.

Love the breezy peacoat. Stylish yet very airy and comfortable looking.


How to add a floral pattern handbag to your outfit without looking too busy.


Brown peacock feather print dress makes a funk fall piece.


Rock pattern stockings with high knee boots.


50 shades of grey.


Cozy up on Sunday in a sweathshirt dress, tights and Uggs.


Do you think she does a good job styling herself? I do. That’s all folks!

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