Lessons on the Road of Life: A Poem

Scotland highlands by foxydeltan

Image cred: http://indulgy.com/post/ZpF821Obl1/scotland-highlands

Life is like a road.

There are highways and byways,
bridges, potholes and tolls
in which we must accept.

Sometimes there is traffic or construction and you can’t get to where you need to be so quickly,
but don’t worry, in time you will get there,
in time those things will come.

There will be some unbeaten paths of dirt
that may give you nicks and bumps.
Those are your scars to show where you’ve been.
They’ll shape you, change you, and get you on the road again.

Sometimes you may take a wrong turn,
get a little lost.
But follow your instinct,
use what you’ve learned.
Then swing a k-turn,
you can find your way back.

Look out the window, safely.
Look at the trees,
look at the sky.
Those are all there to make the miles beautifully go by.

Sometimes the car will get dark, lonely and quiet.
So turn on your headlights,
and blast the music all the way up.
Jam out to your favorite songs.
Until the sun comes up to warm you up again.
As it does,
all the days of your journey.
You can count on it.

Be polite,
share the road.
Don’t cut others off.
They may be in a hurry to get somewhere too.
Because after all, we all have somewhere to go.

If you see someone stranded on the side who needs help,
help them.
Open up your heart,
your hands,
your skills.
The gifts you have are all yours and you don’t know how much you can help others with them,
if you never try.

At times you may get a flat tire,
run out of gas,
or need more windshield wiper fluid.
That’s ok,
there are many people who can help you along the way.
Go to them.
They can support you and get you back to where you need to be.

On the road again.

Everyone’s road is different.
Respect that.
For if everyone was on the same road as you,
you would all be going nowhere.
Too congested.
Too much on “the same” road.

Although there are some who may get into car accidents
or suddenly get side swiped off the road.
Remember them, learn from their mistakes, then move on.
For if you still have gas, you still have life, keep going.
Drive it.


Carabesque Queen


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