Life’s Work is the Greatest Job of All: A Concept and a Painting

The most meaningful, wonderful work you’ll ever do in your life won’t be done in an office or conference room. It will be with the one’s you love. Your work is a product of your spirit, not a career or job. Cherish your works and share them with the world, they’re gifts given to you for a reason…let them spread like seeds around you, float up with the wind and grow across the land.

Your work is what you put out into the world, not just at the office. Whether it’s helping your friends and family, making someone laugh, giving a hug, knitting a warm blanket, cooking a delicious dinner or showing someone how to do it. All these works help to define the true you, not just what you do at your “job”.

Your true work starts at home every day from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep.

Your most valuable work may be something you do every day and not even realize it, or it may be something you only do once in a while. Either way, you’re doing and it’s a part of what makes YOU and your life’s work.

The way you inspire, touch others lives and make them better. That is your work. It doesn’t start at 9am and stop at 5pm, your uniqueness is done every waken moment.

What are your works? The ones that come most natural to you. Your work is worth greater than any good paying job, because it gives you something much more than money could ever pay for. Happiness, love, gratitude and respect. How fulfilling life’s great work can be. Keep working, because what you do makes this world an extraordinary, ever changing, dynamic and beautiful place.


These are the thoughts inspired by the painting above you can find at the Carabesque Shop. Check it out here:

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