Ghost Towns: Meridian OK

Dharma Anchor

mer1postTo say that the Indian Meridian Road leading to and becoming the main street of the ghost town of Meridian is worse for wear would be a vast understatement. We turned off the state highway and onto Indian Meridian, exchanging telling glances as we surveyed the red rolling hills and rough path ahead. The patchwork of age worn asphalt looked as though it might disappear into a field anytime and with no real signs of a town as far as the eye could see, for once I started questioning what I’d gotten us into. The land stretching far and wide was a beautiful kind of sad, an exceptional example of the sort of landscape that makes central Oklahoma beautiful, wild and independent. But this particular stretch has a nostalgic, forgotten air pockmarked here and there with oilfield equipment. An occasional wind gush shoved us as we dodged craters, but aside…

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