Sidewalk Memories – A Poem


Love Vandalism

I walk to the street where you wrote your name.
Easy how vandalism could warm my heart.
I dread the day when they pave it away.
But until then, it’s my favorite place for coffee.
You wrote your name and the date you wanted everyone to know it too.

Grafitti can be a beautiful thing,
A sign of the times.
A sign you were there.

All the scribbles in cement make indents in my heart. Indents to rivers where the blood of my love flows and grows.
For you.

By Carabesque Queen



    • I wrote it for my dad. When he was a teenager he wrote his name all over town. His name is still in cement in front of my local quick check. I always go there for coffee and look at it and smile. A few years ago they paved all the sidewalk out front of it but for some reason never paved the square he wrote on. Its been 25 years since he died. I bet he would never know when doing it, how much it would mean to me.

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      • Thanks for the background on the poem. I’m happy that they never paved over the square with your dad’s name on it. It’s just a little piece of him that you can visit whenever you want. Very touching : )


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