The Life of a Leaf

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I have a vision of a movie…a movie about a leaf.

It’s not your ordinary leaf…this one has been painted in glitter and gold. It would start out with a woman in her kitchen painting leaves and listening to Coldplay, probably “Yellow”. She walks away as the wind picks up and this one very special leaf gets swirled in the gust and floats right out the window.

The leaf then finds itself atop a mountain of other leaves. And even though the leaf should feel “at home”, it doesn’t. All those other leaves are crinkled up and brown. They don’t look like the gold leaf…it’s different. So the leaf takes up with the wind again to find somewhere else to go. It lands in the current of a nearby lake.

Oh it’s so pretty, the leaf thinks. So nice to just float in the calm water and look up at the sky. Not many other leaves around, mostly birds, ducks, and a few pinching fishes. And after spending hours dreaming at the sky, the leaf realizes it’s getting a little soggy and as night falls, it’s getting a little cold too.

So the leaf takes up with the wind again to dry off and find a place to sleep. But where the leaf has fallen, isn’t a place for sleeping at all. It’s in the middle of the street!

Cars zipping by and trucks thundering the ground. The leaf at first is scared, it doesn’t want to get run over. The darkness up above is lit by flashing headlights. The danger is very real, heart pounding…but wow…what an amazing view.

And it tried to catch a gust or two to weave itself away from the tire tracks but to still stay enough in the street to be in the action. It’s exciting, it’s loud… it can end at any moment…but of course the leaf doesn’t want it to.

And as the traffic let’s up and the rush hour has passed, the leaf embarks on its next journey.

This time the wind is getting gustier and the cold of the night rushes through the clouds. And in a whirlwind the leaf spins and swirls up to the top of a roof on a house. It falls asleep along the curves of the gutter, spread out and comfortable and sheltered from the wind.

As the sun rises, so does the leaf. It blows just at the edge of the roof so it can look down at the street. At the people, at the houses, in the windows to the world…it watches. A bucket of popcorn could make it all perfect…how entertaining people watching can be. A couple on the corner arguing…ooohh she’s mad and what is he going to do about it and even more, why are they fighting…is it worth it? A lady in high heels trips and falls on the corner. She hurries to get up and check that noone saw, but oh the dispecable giggling leaf saw it all.

And then it hit me…this leaf is like me trying to figure out where I want to go in my life. What turns me on…not sexually…but intellectually.

This leaf is different and stands out in the crowd, it doesnt want to blend in. It loves to explore and see new things and new places. It likes a little excitement, a little danger, a little fun. It enjoys relaxing, staring up at the sky, daydreaming and floating. It likes people…people are funny. Tomorrow the leaf will float on to something else somewhere else. What an adventure. The life of a leaf.

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