Peter Pan

Mr Tyler Knight

When you’re forced to grow
I’ll reach out my hand
I’ll take you to my world
A world called Neverland

You don’t have to go home
You don’t have to return
You’ll eventually forget
And have much more to learn

Here you won’t grow
And you’ll live forever
Stay a kid with me
Together it’s clever

Just take the second star
To the right in the sky
Then straight on til morning
It’s much faster to fly

Just think of all that’s happy
As I sprinkle you with dust
You’ll fly like the fairies
Come with me, you must

And if you choose to leave
My world made of dreams
Just know that growing up
Isn’t as great as it seems

But just because you’re older
With many years passed
Doesn’t mean you’ve grown up
Being a kid can last

And when they say you can’t
Adventure like you can

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