The Wonder of Wednesdays

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There’s something fortunate about Wednesdays.
The half way point to a dull and ever consuming work and school week.
No matter how much you try to enjoy it and live in each moment,
It’s still a requirement for many of us.
No matter how much you try to mask it or
Make it more meaningful.

But back to the mystery of Wednesdays.
They always come up so quickly and give me comfort in knowing that the rest of the week shall pass just as fast as it began.

Although some don’t start on a great note, you can try to change the other half of it. Perhaps the balance of good and bad will make it all worth it.

Oh the wonder of Wednesdays. Did you know studies have also shown it is the most productive day of the week for personal growth? “Wednesday is the magical day when people are the most active in finding opportunities for themselves” says

Read more here on that:

Now’s your chance. Make it what you wish.

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