Making Makeup Fun Again with Pigments


Were you one of those curious teenage girls who fell in love with makeup? The fun of it. Mixing colors of eye lids into your very own personal masterpiece…on your face. So fun. Ohhh and that drool worthy makeup bag filled with your favorite brands and colors.

Now at 30, I have found putting on makeup has become a chore. Ugh and that damn eyeliner…it always messes up. Qtips save me. When I was younger I could put on any eyeshadow color I felt like, but now that I have to go a stiff office everyday…I’m not as free with it. Actually, I feel like too much color and fun is inappropriate…how sad.

Then…I discovered the fun and beauty of pigments by Makeup Geek ( . My friend likes to make her own eyeshadows and goes to makeup and beauty trade shows in New York. She showed me her grand collection of makeups and I got all giddy and excited. Trying all the lipsticks and shadows on my face and hands…and then wait. Oh my!? What is that shimmery, colorful fairydust looking stuff in those jars? Pigments…she said. It was love at first brush stroke.

Pigments are loose eyeshadows that have very rich color to them. They blend so easily on your skin to create a multi tonal chromatic look – from bold to basic beauty.

I checked out Makeup Geek because they are way cheaper than Mac (about $7 for each jar) and my pro makeup girlfriend insisted. She knows her stuff.

I got three not-so-crazy colors to try that I can make work for the office and the afterparty. Fyi, I’m brunette, light olive skin and brown eyes.

1. Enchanted – has a purple tint to it.
2. Birthday Wish – bronzy caramel
3. Afterglow- they say shimmery champagne


Doing makeup in the morning has become fun again! Mixing different powders together, I think it’s even more fun because the pigments are loose. It’s like art class in the bathroom every morning.

Since I started having so much fun in the morning with my makeup..I wasn’t going to let the hard annoying part ruin it. I have officially ditched the everyday eyeliner routine. I think I look alot better and more like myself without it anyway.

If your makeup routine ever gets boring…spice it up! Makeup is one of the many things that makes being a woman fun and fabulous 🙂 If you have any tips or products that have made your routine more fun, do share.

Bye bye beauties.

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