Since I was 5 I have missed my dad.

I’ve missed advice.
I’ve missed hugs,
late night talks.
I’ve missed roller coaster rides,
trips to the beach.
I’ve missed his direction in times I was lost.
I’ve missed him at my graduations.
I’ve missed him walking me down the aisle.
I’ve asked a million times…but no answer.

But throughout these past 25 years, I’ve never realized till now,
what he missed.
He must have had dreams,
a purpose,
a love for somethings.

There must have been places he wanted to see,
people to meet,
things to try.

A life cut too short, only 25.
I’m older than he ever got to be now.

I feel sadness for all the things in this beautiful world he missed.
All the seasons,
all the sunshine,
all the beautiful mountains,
the chances at a beautiful life.

I am so sorry dad.

All I can do now is take him everywhere with me,
in my heart.

Show him things he missed,
take him to new places,
through my soul.

From now on,
wherever I go,
whatever I do.
We’ll do together.
We have nothing to miss anymore.

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