Don’t Drop the Glass Balls


You know that phrase about life being a balancing act and the idea of balancing family and life with work? Well a very intellectual life coach insisted I scratch out that idea all together because it’s unrealistic and just plain old bad advice. She recommended instead to look at the elements in life as a juggling act. Here’s my summary of how her idea works:

Make each important part of your ongoing life a ball. For example, there can be the career ball, the family ball, the hobby ball, the health ball, etc.

Now some of these balls are made of rubber and some of them are made of glass. The most important, fragile ones that are not worthy of compromising will be the glass ones. The balls that can be compromised and are not necessary to life will be the rubber ones.

Imagine yourself juggling these balls everyday. Now things happen. Emergencies, forks in the road, or new events. You are bound to miss a ball or two with only the 24 hours a day you are given. So decide which ball to drop.

The rubber balls will always bounce back so you can catch them again. However, the glass balls can easily break and they can take a long time to mend. So try your hardest not to drop those.

That’s it.

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