Tips for Ladies from My Grandma – A Classy Vixen

image I painted this for my grandma for a Christmas present. It says “Hello Beautiful” in French because she loves French art. My platinum blonde grandmother is the most glamourous, beautiful and classy woman I know. She loves gold, sequins and sparkles and Chanel No.5. She’s been applying her false voluptuous eyelashes on every day since she was 20 years old. So long and full, she has the personality to make them look natural.

Now I’m sharing with you some of her tips she’s engrained in my soul since I was a kid to all you beautiful ladies on how to stay classy.

1. Always wear perfume. She says a woman who wears perfume exhumes a beautiful aura around her to the world and men have instant attraction. Men prefer women who wear perfume.

2. Always look your best when you leave the house. Put your makeup on and dress classy because you never know who you’ll run into. Also, if you happen to faint or collapse from dieing at the local supermarket, you don’t want people crowding around you seeing you on the floor looking bad. Even when you die, you gotta look good. Lol

3. Wear your good stuff every day. We tend to save wearing our expensive jewelry, favorite stiletto heals, fancy dresses, or furs only on special occasions, but my grandma doesn’t think thats a good idea. She says those things won’t last forever and you may never have that perfect occasion to wear them and they’ll go years just sitting in your closet. Why not look fabulous every day?

4. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. It’s better to be the one at the party all dolled up than to be the one in sweatpants who doesn’t add up.

5. When and where to wear those 4 inch heel shoes. She says that going to dinner is the best time to wear those killer heels because you’ll be spending most of your time sitting down. All you have to worry about is walking from the car to the restaurant.


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