Outlook on the Forecast


I got some really great advice yesterday on how to look at and handle the up’s and down’s of everyday life. The good times and the bad times. The keyword for the lesson is “weather”.

She said something like…even God cannot make every day a beautiful sunny day. Sometimes there is rain and sometimes there are storms, ice on the road, tornadoes overhead, lightning in the sky, snow blocking you in, hurricanes blowing…but through life you learn how to drive your car safely through, you stock up on food early, you discover a rainbow, you get the shovels ready, you make a snow angel, you make an emergency evacuation plan…or you just sit it out. Either way, you can’t predict or change the weather of the days of your life.

But there is something for sure, something you can always count on. Another sunny day. It will come out and shine again. So no use in crying about bad weather. Just get through it the best way you know how and move on.

As long as all of us live on this earth, the weather is something we all have in common. We can’t deny it or escape it…It’s all around us. So learn to live with it.

Image cred: http://www.masterfile.com/stock-photography/image/400-06355998/Set-Weather-icons-in-Earth-world-map-over-blue-background.-Vector-file-layered-for-easy-manipulation-and-custom

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