Old to New – A Little Bathroom Decorating Inspo

I got inspired by the handy and inspiring host from the HGTV show Rehab Addict and decided I must do something! So I painted the frame of an old and drab bathroom mirror in my home.

I prefer to go for a crisp, clean and simple tranformation and white paint is perfect for that. I had acrylic so used that with some tiny paintbrushes to get inside the grooves. I opt to use what supplies I have in the house already so there’s no need to spend any money. However I do believe a laquer or glossy type of paint may work better if you have any. Use painters tape along the edge of the mirror so you don’t make a mess. FYI, wet acrylic paint wipes off the mirror easily with a wet paper towel.


Another idea to update your home furniture and pieces include adding new knobs (Hobby Lobby has a nice big selection of decorative ones). I will be changing the ones on the old sink cabinet under the mirror.

Happy Monday!

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