How Pink Floyd Showed Me the Way to Heaven


My dad was always a big fan of Pink Floyd throughout his 25 year span of life. In my teens I was curious to find out why…so I listened…and fell in love with it. I feel it has become something we share, something we have in common that keeps us close together. All my life I just wanted a way for he and I to connect so that heaven didn’t seem so far away. Because I know he is there.

I believe there is no better medicine for migranes than by listening to Comfortably Numb. It works every time! But Pink Floyd to me is more than one of my favorite bands of beautiful psychadelic music. But rather, also showed me that after you die, you still exist…in spirit. Somehow it is true, I don’t need to know how…but it’s just great knowing it’s true. I am undeniably certain it’s true. Here’s why:

Driving in my car in my early twenties, so many thoughts would go to my head. During the sad times, the hard times, the times I asked my dad for help – a Pink Floyd song would play on the radio. It made me smile and take comfort in knowing he was listening…like he sent me a sign.

And then of course reality set in. Just a coincidence right? I am obviously listening to a classic rock radio station and they do play it now and then….it could be that’s why. But after the 20th time…then the 50th…then the 100th time it starting playing at the very moment I needed him most…it can’t be just a coincidence. I believe it cannot. He found a way. I don’t know how. He just did.

Pink Floyd means so much to me now. It helped me and brought my closer to my late father. Everytime I go to a Roger Waters concert, the seat next to me is empty. What are the odds of that in a sold out show? Huh? What do you say to that? I say he’s sitting right next to me ☺

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  1. Comfortably Numb has always been my “spirit” song. I am 28 years young and I have loved Pink Floyd for as long as I can remember. I’ve been to quite a few concerts over the years in Atlanta, GA, and each show is truly psychedelic and AMAZING. Glad to know there are still people out there that truly appreciate the classics!

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