Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas – Put Your Heart Into It

I love pretty little packages and they can fun to receive and open on the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day! So to get your mind twirling with some unique and creative new ways to gifting a pretty little present, here’s 10 inspirational ideas:

1. A little raffia ribbon, kraft or recycled paper, scissors, some markers… and some love:

Image cred:

2. My husband may appreciate this:

Image cred:

3. Stick on some meaningful scrapbooking stickers you can find at your local Joanne Fabrics or Michaels:

Image cred:

4. Little love tag notes and some lavender sprigs to set the mood:

Image cred:

5. Hearts pulled through ribbons:

15 Valentine’s Day Printables

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6. Tie in the key to your heart:


Image cred:

7. Printable labels to stick on top:

Free printable labels by @lia griffith for Valentines

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8. For your honey bunny:

These little DIY Animal {Valentines} Envelopes are just too cute.

Image cred:

9. Some unfamiliar wrapping textures? Try to find some scraps around the house:

Valentines Gift Wrap- love the idea of using a belt as a bow...especially for a pair of jeans or clothing as a gift! Must remember!

Image cred:

10. Can you fit his gift inside of a jar, built for two?

Click Pic for 40 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Boyfriend & Husbands - Picture in a Mason Jar

Image cred:

Hope your Valentine’s Day is full of  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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