Some people are not worth saving,
only see darkness for the taking.
No quote,
No apology,
Will ever remain.
Just a moment of relapse
And then again,
With no mercy,
they will bring the rain.
Pouring words of a victim,
That enjoys the pain.
Saving can’t be done
No plans for forgiveness to be won.
But you’ll try,
As long as your heart is beating.
Looking for a way to keep it from retreating.
And just when you thought you’ve found the answer.
Evil will appear and spread like a cancer.
They’ll sneak behind you like a night owl.
They’ll beat you crooked,
Forced and foul.
You won’t see it coming,
Helping becomes hurting.
Blessings turn to blame.
Saving someone not worth saving,
Is nothing but a game.

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