Drowning – A Poem


“Don’t take it personal”.
I took their advice.
Now grains of salt,
pile up at the heights.
Stinging and burning,
Rough skin too hard to heal.

The wise ones tell me…
Just turn your back,
The bully doesn’t mean it,
No intention of attack.
The bully is actually very nice you see.
Just ignore it,
It will come easier.
No reason to flee.

Inside my mind,
I’ve taught myself to be blind.
Just following their instruction,
Leads to my own self destruction.

They “know better”,
So they claim.
They insist I follow,
And succomb to the same.
Hide in wrinkles of pain,
Silence any ideas of blame.

Now the medicine has started working for me,
Bruises are numb,
burns are nice and cool from third degree,
Pain I’ve swallowed,
In a soul that has hollowed.

No voice to exclaim.
Not a sound,
Not a decibel to retain.
And now it comes natural,
To give up each day.
Hiding from the situation,
And “letting it go” the other way.

I digest the hate like a meal,
Teaching myself not to feel.
No heart on my sleeve anymore.
There’s no more inside,
I’ve cut out my core.
I feel nothing,
No hope,
No brain.
Just nothing.
It’s all the same.

Synopsis: The purpose of this poem is to show the danger of some advice. Some advice may actually be good for some and dangerous to others.

Image cred: http://www.aliraqi.org/forums/showthread.php?t=99869&page=3

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