Confidence Grows with Age – A Poem


Don’t you worry,
My small, eager bud.
Confidence grows with age,
To help you swim through the mud.

So keep your stems up,
Nice and tall,
So you can see further,
Over the top of them all.

And if you ever feel like wilting,
Creeping down into the dirt.
Just pick up your leaves,
And look up at the sun,
As it shines down life to the earth.

Sometimes it could get cold,
And the rains pour, pour down.
Stay patient my small bud,
The water will feed you,
Stand you straight like a stud.

And when you’ve finally grown out all your petals,
You’ll grace the garden,
With love,
Growing roots of tendrils.

Stay blooming my dear flower,
Through the seed of heavenly power.
Because nature is in your soul,
It grows with every hour.
Allowing you to unfold.

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