What I Imagined – A Poem Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey


A stiff,
Hardened face,
Concealing a sensitive,
Deep down place.
Within a human,
Hidden beauty of disgrace.

A soft,
Naive young girl,
With tempation
Easy to unfurl.
Although sense lacks,
Romanticsm fills the cracks.

As the day fills in with light,
No director could animate,
The envision I might.

And so a story unfolds inside,
Every mind turning the page.
Every mind with desire to hide.
Opening up a way,
To see it occur,
Through imaginations
Miles away.

Something we lack,
Something we only pray,
Forbidden loves,
Guily pleasues,
With every word,
A moment it can stay.

And just like that,
The story ends,
A dream unfolded,
With a means to pretend.
A fantasy delivered,
In a mind of ideas,
Lent from a writer,
Twisting ideals.
And so there was a man,
And so a woman,
Into a world full of memories,
And new thoughts on devotion.

Poem inspired by the books and movie of Fifty Shades of Grey

Image cred: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fifty-shades-of-grey.html

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