I don’t know what I’m doing,
I don’t know what I want.
This way,
That way,
In my mind an endless haunt.
The pro’s get longer,
The con’s get somber.
But the plunge is way too high
Trembling fear of the heights.
It’s not so much the landing I’m afraid of,
It’s the jump, the leap of faith,
I can’t push off of.
Self conflicting doubt,
Questioning what the worry is about.
Could it all just be in my mind,
An answer I’m struggling so hard to find.
Could I not be as brave as I thought,
A simple free fall,
Holding my breath
Is it worth the speculation at all?
Then at the last moment,
I finally decide,
The breeze, the view, the butterflies…
The feeling through the air,
This is how dreams materialize.

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