Riding on the road to nowhere,
Like bubbles in the distance,
floating in the air.
Let the sun shine on your face
Breezes blow through your hair,
We get closer to the place.

Throw your cares out the window,
Put your conscience away.
Bills on slips of paper,
We won’t pay today.
Floating on a lullabye,
Never was it easier to try.

Let go of the wheel,
Open your hands,
How do you feel?
A journey to find who you are.
Whizzing by, what was close now far.

You think I’m singing a sad song,
But you couldn’t hear the words more wrong.
Slow, steady, motionless pace,
All your worries to be erased.

Meet me by the bridge,
We’ll take shelter along the ridge.
Nothing’s perfect,
I heard her say,
But moving forward,
Sure feels there’s a way.

Riding on the road to nowhere,
Now you can see it,
A shape,
There’s something there.

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