The Queen of the Dogs – A Short Tail


In the middle of a bubble,
inside a big, big world,
Tucked away behind the rubble
There are tails to be unfurled.
The queen of the dogs,
Wears a big gold crown
She owns the world,
She rules the town.
Puppies at her feet,
Slaves for a treat,
Back and forth,
round and round,
Lay down.
The rules are clear,
Rules are freedom here.
But there’s a deep secret,
Something below the dirt,
Hides something bright,
Forbidden and covert,
A little box of purpose,
A meaning beyond the surface.
Just about a foot down,
Buried for the dogs unfound.
A toy to be chewed,
A trick to be viewed.
All hail the queen,
Bitter beatings,
A silent scream.
Dirty cracked paws,
weakened, tired jaws,
Jumping up to the call,
prepared to crawl.
The box lies hidden,
Begging to be opened.
The freedom of fear,
Will they find it this year?

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