Riding My Bicycle with You


I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it.
Yes I do.
Pedaling steadily
flow for hours.
I want to ride it
alongside you.
And in the journey
may there be flowers.
Blowing underneath leaves
of trees like towers.
The daisies will float along our speed,
With the breezes we blow smiles in stead.
A picnic for our basket to unfold.
To a hidden garden of hills to behold.
Cool iced tea for a break in between.
Lets go of handles below a cotton sky so clean.
And in this moment the time will stop.
Passing picket fences like a tick to a clock.
On ours bicycles we’ll drive for miles.
Nowhere we can get lost.
Towards a place beyond the isles.


Image cred: https://www.pinterest.com/theglassgarden/garden-bikes/


Image cred: https://www.pinterest.com/ciaofabiana/bike/

Top image cred: http://nauticalcottageblog.com/2011/09/at-the-beach-a-perfect-day-for-a-bike-ride/

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