Melamine Queen – Trendy Prose with Pictures

The melamine queen,

In style, so easy to clean.

Melting hearts, not breaking parts,

Even Fine china says it’s smart.

This new melamine must be seen,

Pretty shades and patterns to grace your cuisine.

Washing  and cleaning, so simple and serene.

Melamine in the morning, or for dinner at night.

Melamine is the answer,

even for fine dining it’s alright.

They’ll never know.

Melamine is the way to go!

Beautiful Blue Byzantine Melamine Platter and dinnerware set - made to look like ceramic.  Very pretty!

Image Cred:

Bamboo melamine ware EAT ME

Image cred:

Carmelo Melamine Salad Server Set

Image cred:

Melamine Dinner Set - Funky Flamingo - hardtofind.

Image cred:

Kim Seybert Chinoiserie Melamine Dinnerware - Neiman Marcus

Image cred:

Image cred:

La Med Melamine Salad Plates,Williams Sonoma

Image cred:

Very pretty plates from TheMadPlatters on etsy

Image cred:

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