The Triangle Trend


Have you spotted triangles lately? They are in trend right now – move over chevron and polka dots…this is the new shape of design.

Sharp angles inspire an edgy feel. Color schemes resemble prismatic, dimensional illusions. Triangle shapes offer a lot of versatility, pattern-wise. They can be dipped and dyed and tied into many other themes, including bohemian, straight ultra modern, nordic, kaleidoscope waves, sharp scalloped edges & so much more! The triangle trend can transform into so many directions, so I’m forecasting it will be here for a while.

Without further ado – you know I had to put together a few rhyming words on the subject. Here’s my poetic angle on the triangle trend:

Touring in Triangles – A Poem

Through the lens,
Reflections bend,
In corners, colors in waves,
Lines point amid enclaves.
Upside down,
End to end.
Prisms align
The triangle trend.


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