Emotional Home Decor – The New “Modern”

The times they are a changing…and “modern” is slowly stepping away from the stiff whites on white and black cubic shapes…to a more lively proportion with deep hues that reflect emotions within humanity.

We’re talkin’ colors of deep orangey reds, splashes of indigo, and cheers of yellow and iridescent bubbles. Strong, bright colors are becoming less overwhelming and more comfortable.

Within home decor, there are subtle ways to bring out the exuberance of emotion in style. Check out some inspiration below of beautifully set ways to add the new splash of “modern” in the home. What’s your favorite?


Image cred: http://www.lushome.com/interior-color-schemes-yellow-green-spring-decorating/36352


Image cred: http://www.jozzdug.org/picturesque-moroccan-style-for-chic-living-room/moroccan-style-red-painted-wooden-flooring-for-nice-orange-and-yellow-moroccan-style-living-room-with-moroccan-wall-ornaments-and-small-wooden-coffee-tablepicturesque-morocan-style/


Image cred: http://www.shopinside.com.au/shop/category/brand-sheridan-kirkwood-indigo


Image cred: http://erikabrechtel.com/2012/08/08/indigo-blue-pillow-obsessed/


Image cred: http://www.homedecorlike.com/iridescent-bathroom-tile


Image cred: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CAUQjB1qFQoTCJuPyLKng8cCFcEXPgod-oMN0A&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F39125090486792120%2F&ei=L1W6Vdu7FsGv-AH6h7aADQ&psig=AFQjCNG6pqBhuLmY4USJ-azyxGwIu8bRUw&ust=1438361228234106&rct=j


Image cred: http://guide.alibaba.com/shopping-guides/iridescent-tile-backsplash.html

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