How to Dress Warm in the Cold City


Keeping warm in a windy city,

heeds precious layers of smart simplicity.

Luscious scarves and fox fur collars,

To blanket your skin.

Soft and thick to keep the temperatures within.

embrace the solitude of a hood’s wonderful ways,

To keep you covered on precipitous days.

Long, swept, swinging lengths,

Cocoon you from the harmful elements,

and feathers…. Oh sweet flying feathers…

bundled together a peacock hidden under strings

to glide in soaring warmth with your own pair of wings.

Get set with these wintry essentials:


Vince Camuto Fur Infinity Scarf
Image Cred & Shop:


Image Cred & Shop:



Canada Goose Down Parka
Image Cred & Shop:


Gala Gloves – Sheepskin Fringe
Image Cred & Shop:


Army by Yves Salomon
Image Cred & Shop:


Moncler – Puffer with Fable Fox Collar
Image Cred & Shop:

Top Image Cred & Shop:
Adrienne Landau – Mink with Rabbit Pom Pom

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