Like the Wind – Airy Fashions


How does the wind blow,
Gently through the screen?
Just like the sun glows,
Dark spaces in between.
Life is like a breath of air.
Some grow long,
Some grow fair.
In between the spaces deep,
A lifetime of secrets to keep.
Wind the clock until it’s through,
Dancing in this life with you.

Top Featured Image Cred & Shop:
Finola Maxi Dress by Ranna Gill

This trend is inspired by flowy fabrics, romantic nature, lightweight feminity and whimsical wishes.
Shop the trend below:


Diane von Furstenberg Delphina Embroidered Shirt Dress
Image Cred & Shop:


Magdelina Maxi Dress
Image Cred & Shop:


Modern Millie Slip
Image Cred & Shop:


Nina Ricci Lavender Georgette Dress with Feathers
Image Cred & Shop:

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