Washed Away – A Pastel Dip in the Ocean


Image cred: http://lizplummer.com/blog/category/natural-dyes/

Waves crash at my feet, as the ocean floats in,

Wash, wash me away.

As the sand against my back molds and sinks into my skin.

Wash, wash me away.

Precious eyes staring into the sun,

Till pastel colors fade and blend into one.

Then suddenly I see a blanket unfold over the sky.

Birds of golden yellow and denim blues fly by.

Chirping sounds from far, far away,

Into my dreams,

Wash, wash me away.




Image Cred: http://www.karen.htmlcreators.com/lateelizabethan.html


Image cred: http://celebrate-creativity.com/my_weblog/2008/08/butterflies-are.html


Image Cred: https://www.pinterest.com/gregorioreis/mirror-mirror/


Image Cred: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/pastel-dresses/


Image cred: http://www.polyvore.com/long_gold_dress/shop?query=long+gold+dress



  1. Starting at the root and working outwards, work a wet piece of chalk into strands of hair. Do this is the same way you would while highlighting. Again, the more chalk you rub into your hair, the more intense the color of the dye is going to be.

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