When I think back,

When I was young,

The memories so vivid,

How my life begun.

Sitting in my parents room at 2 years old,

At 3, the bright red flare of my best friend’s hair,

The pool table I played on when I was only 4,

And the sunny beach walk when my father held my hand.

All these memories,

I remember so vividly.

And yet,

So young,

So vivid,

How come?

And when I doubt the reality of my memories,

I fear they were only childhood dreams.

Dreams that felt real,

But never really happened.

Do those memories count?

I ask myself in doubt.

So I tell myself “believe”,

If they’re all true I’ll be relieved.

There’s no one but God to ask,

And so when I go,

I’ll find out at last.

Until then, 

The memories shall be my past.

And I’ll keep dreaming,

Dream on,


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