The Day I Became a Woman – Thank You Sophia Webster

Dear Sophia,

I have never been the kind of girl who had a closet full of shoes, an obsession with top shoe designers and willing to pay the high price tag for them. I assumed all those nice ones were probably uncomfortable anyway so why bother. Plus, I’m super frugal and only buy things I truly love. Just to clue you in, I’ve been wearing the same pair of sneakers for six years and my wedding shoes costed less than $60. But that would soon change.

One morning while going to work I was standing at the platform at the subway. I looked down at the ground towards the well dressed girl to my left…and saw the most beautiful shoes! Butterfly wings on her feet gilded in embroidered threads of rose gold. How wondrous, I thought. I have never been so enamored and distracted by a pair of shoes before. As soon as I made it into work, I Googled “butterfly wing flats” and your shoes came up. Boy, were they pricey…but I had to have them! I have never had to have a pair of shoes before in my life.

There’s something so feminine, so fairy-tale, yet classy about the wings. As if every step in those shoes would be a float, gliding across the ground. I was in love, I knew that I had every right to get those shoes. Picking out my European size on your website was the hardest part. I don’t know anything about EU sizes and my shoe size usually varies between 5.5 and 6. But, I went with my gut and ordered 36.5. I prayed the night after I ordered them, I hope they fit. I hope they fit!
In less than two days, my package was here. I put on some girly mood background music, washed my hands and carefully opened the box. Ooo it came with a Pink bag to store them in. And oh my! I must keep the sticks and shaped tissue in them so they keep their shape when I’m not wearing them. Haha, this is so unlike me, since I usually just throw my shoes at the bottom of my closet. Best of all, they fit! Holy crap it’s a miracle they fit.
Sophia, these shoes were different, they have changed me. I now walk with a new found confidence I never had before. I actually own a suede brush so that I can clean them (this took some research). I tread carefully so I don’t mess them up, but I smile every time I look down. When someone compliments me on them, I do a little clink of the toes to put the wings together to reveal the butterfly.
It may sound strange, being that I am already 32 years old, but I actually feel like a full blown woman now. I have even finally found my signature style that I had been searching for all these years. The butterfly, that’s me now. Flowy, lacey, whimsical butterfly. A style that speaks to my soul.

And so, I thank you. I’m saving up to get a pair of your embroidered floral boots and even though these are pricey pieces, I know that I will have years of happiness with them and take very special care to make them last me for a long time to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With a hug and gratitude,



Pictures from my exciting unboxing!


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