Chalkboard Style Clothing

So I was going to write about the cool chalkboard trend on clothing but strangely couldn’t find alot to choose from. What’s up with that? Chalkboard designs are all over home decor, stationery and wall art but what happened to clothing? Trends usualy dip into all types of consumer products. I got more success searching under the term “graffiti” rather than just “chalkboard”. So… I am posting some stuff I did find AND maybe the inventory in the market will grow soon.

Chalkboard Inspired Scarf


Desigual Sketched Dress


Chalkboard illusion dress.


Some of these patterns would look cool on leggings.


Colorful chalkboard nail art.


Cool mens mustache chalk sketched tie.


Chalkboard heels. “A new look every time”


Grey chalkboard ghosts shrug.


“Love needs no translation” tee.


Happy chalkboard hunting!

1969 Fashions to Now

No,  we didn’t steal them – they’ve always been around. We just updated and reused them because they’re good just the way they are. Check out these clipped 1969 magazine photos and how to put the free lovin 60’s in your wardrobe today.

Lace blouses in floral cuts. Gentle, feminine, sheer sexiness, cute and can be workable for the office.





Cozy and chic capes… For all the wonder women out there.


Now work it out for fall and winter…

saint laurent cape

Geometric patterns are so hot.


geometric fashion

Now..geometric dress momo cloth

Stripes. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones.





High strappy boots to kick around in.



Fall Inspiration : Tall Boots | Oh Mai Darling Tall Boots + lace

Tick tock clock necklaces.


vogue magazine cover


clock locket urban outfitters

Word of the day: dreamical

dreamical: when listening to a song, you visually imagine all of the words, sounds, and speed happening in a real life fantastical story. (Sometimes you can be in it, sometimes it is other people, and sometimes it is just nature zooming in and spinning round to the flow of the beat.)

dreamical used in a sentence: I was driving home and heard the most beautiful song that led me to imagine a dreamical about a boy and girl who meet in a bar and fall in love.



a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.


set to or accompanied by music :

Also called musical comedy. a play or motion picture in which the story line is interspersed with or developed by songs, dances, and the like.

Words you won’t find in your dictionary are brought to you by the mind of carabesque

An Aesthetical Collection of Calendars for 2015

2015 is almost here and what better way to prepare than to purchase a unique and inspiring calendar for planning all your new and exciting days of the year 🙂 I find these calendars fruitful and “note-worthy”.

Was thinking of getting this calendar to use at work, but one month features a pink toy gun in a soapdish…. might not go down in the office very well.

Who doesn’t love shoes? And a new pair every day!!
2015 365 Days of Shoes Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar

Become a well-seasoned day dream traveler of the land of love.PARIS CAVALLINI CALENDARS

Not just your ordinary day, or month, or artist – Wayne Thiebaud

Simple, yet lovely enough to match your outfit and room decor. Thanks Lotta Jansdotter

Photos captivating enough to “take you there”. Let’s go!

2015 wall calendar - 2015 rustic art calendar fine art photography planner - country, farm, barns, rural, rustic decor calendar

Because we can all dream of hollywood lights, camera, fiction, fashion. Even Jared Leto can attest to that 🙂

Classic Hollywood Costume Watercolor Illustration 2015 Calendar

That’s all for now folks!

My Chevrona

All matter of things chevron – from hearth to home for fall. Even though this pattern has been around for a while now… there are no signs of stopping in sight so let’s get edgy before it’s too late!


Paint some cute pumpkins yourself by using some tape to block out every other stripe.

Chevron Painted Pumpkins!20

Use chevron wrapping paper as drawer liners by sticking on some contact paper adhesive over the top. Then cut to size and you have some drop dead gorgeous drawers 🙂

gold chevron wallpaper {temporary so you can remove and reapply if needed}

Reminds me of the back of cupid’s bow. Ouch don’t shoot!

Feathervane Bronze Chevron Earrings by Laurel Hill Jewelry on Scoutmob Shoppe. Spice up a simple outside with these handmade dangling chevron earrings.

Who doesn’t love some unique nail designs, and these my dears is not as hard as it looks to do yourself. Just “criss cross you don’t stop” but steaaadddyyy. Adding some glitter lines helps cover up any of the messy parts.

brown shades of nail polish for nail designs

Tick tock, there’s some chevron on this clock.


Buon Appetito

Charcoal walls, chevron rug, leaning wall mirror and wooden table. Nice mix of modern, rustic, artsy style. Dining room inspiration.

Extra comfy for your bootie.

Cocoa Chevron Desk Chair by Old Hickory Tannery at Horchow. LOVE this

Reclaimed wood can be so beautiful.

Love the herringbone reclaimed wood wall with the dyed oyster shell fireplace surround.

Can’t wait for the halloween decor! Coming soon my dears.

Pick Up After the Fall

Collect some pretty fall colored leaves outside. Get a nice variety of browns, reds, greens and olives.

At home, spray them with a polyurethane sealer or glossy sealer spray you can find at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Make sure to spray them outside or in an open garage so you don’t inhale lots of fumes. Spray the front and back. This will make the leaves more stiff so they are not as fragile to cracking when you paint them. The spray also makes them look super shiny and brings out a deeper natural color. The leaves will dry pretty fast – like in 10-15 minutes.

Now it’s time to paint… painting is so relaxing… especially when you can do any design you want. I chose metallic paint colors in green, gold, and bronze. I think adding in some bolder colors like red metallic and navy blue metallic would look really cool too. You can dab on some polka dots, stripes, line the edges in paint, or paint strokes along the veins of the leaves. Just relax and paint with the flow… the more free the flow… the cooler the design. You can’t do it wrong really.

Metallic Painted Leaves

Painted Leaves

After the paint has dried, get a raffia ribbon and tie the ends of the stems or end of the leaves and let about 3-4 inches of ribbon hang off and cut the excess. After all the leaves have been stringed, tie each one across a long strip of raffia ribbon for the length you want. You can pick a length that will nicely drape over a doorway, staircase, or fireplace.

I laid my leaves out under the fireplace to organize a nice layout. I put one of the larger leaves in the center and spread out from there.  I am going to store my garland away after fall and bring out year after year… for as long as it will allow 🙂

Fall Leaf Garland over the Fireplace