Don’t Stop Walkin’ – Inspiration for the Sole


When you’ve walked down the same hall,
Too many times than you can recall.
May your heart and your feet be brave,
To step outside the familiar enclave.
All you know is in your sole.
To explore is it’s only role.
Find peace my dear,
In all the paths you fear.
They aren’t as scary as they seem,
They could light up your self-esteem.
I believe in the woman who is you.
Because I know you can.
I was there too.
And if your path seems to crumble,
Keep on that road fearless and humble.
Because my dear,
these boots have no fear.
Wiggle your toes,
Free your soles.
Walk your way,
Today is the day.


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Jet Set, Go! – The Perfect Luggage


I find hardside
Wears in years with pride,
Scratches and dents
Are better than ripped up the side.
Oh my! 4 wheels,
Easy peasy on my heels.
No effort,
For the expert.
Safe, expandable,
Built tough.
Easy to handle.




Diane von Furstenberg





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Baby Steps – In my Nike Shoes


I take that first step,
Deciding where to choose,
Into a world I don’t know.
In my nike shoes.
I follow the path,
To find a new home.
Some forks along the way,
Just do it and pray.
Pray this new land is better than the last,
The old world worked for a while.
But time to put it in the past.
Just like the seasons,
our needs change and grow,
Time for me to discover,
Walk along, explore and go.
Take the steps,
Plant the seeds,
In a land of freedom,
To fulfill my needs.

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Confidence Grows with Age – A Poem


Don’t you worry,
My small, eager bud.
Confidence grows with age,
To help you swim through the mud.

So keep your stems up,
Nice and tall,
So you can see further,
Over the top of them all.

And if you ever feel like wilting,
Creeping down into the dirt.
Just pick up your leaves,
And look up at the sun,
As it shines down life to the earth.

Sometimes it could get cold,
And the rains pour, pour down.
Stay patient my small bud,
The water will feed you,
Stand you straight like a stud.

And when you’ve finally grown out all your petals,
You’ll grace the garden,
With love,
Growing roots of tendrils.

Stay blooming my dear flower,
Through the seed of heavenly power.
Because nature is in your soul,
It grows with every hour.
Allowing you to unfold.

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Drowning – A Poem


“Don’t take it personal”.
I took their advice.
Now grains of salt,
pile up at the heights.
Stinging and burning,
Rough skin too hard to heal.

The wise ones tell me…
Just turn your back,
The bully doesn’t mean it,
No intention of attack.
The bully is actually very nice you see.
Just ignore it,
It will come easier.
No reason to flee.

Inside my mind,
I’ve taught myself to be blind.
Just following their instruction,
Leads to my own self destruction.

They “know better”,
So they claim.
They insist I follow,
And succomb to the same.
Hide in wrinkles of pain,
Silence any ideas of blame.

Now the medicine has started working for me,
Bruises are numb,
burns are nice and cool from third degree,
Pain I’ve swallowed,
In a soul that has hollowed.

No voice to exclaim.
Not a sound,
Not a decibel to retain.
And now it comes natural,
To give up each day.
Hiding from the situation,
And “letting it go” the other way.

I digest the hate like a meal,
Teaching myself not to feel.
No heart on my sleeve anymore.
There’s no more inside,
I’ve cut out my core.
I feel nothing,
No hope,
No brain.
Just nothing.
It’s all the same.

Synopsis: The purpose of this poem is to show the danger of some advice. Some advice may actually be good for some and dangerous to others.

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Love May Rise and Fall – A Poem


Nothing is perfect,
My mother always told me that.
But at least we can try,
To meet eye to eye.
You won’t always win,
But you won’t always lose.
This daily battle of love,
Is a never ending bruise.
But scars can be beautiful,
Even if they’re made from hurt.
Even when the pain is too much to bear,
We can clean out the dirt.
I will never be everything that,
You want me to be.
And there will be things that always bother me,
That you won’t be able to see.
But through thick and thin
A matter lies.
Neither how sensitive or tough,
Bad times subside.
Let go of anger that may arise,
So we can move on to love,
And see better skies.

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Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards Wording Ideas


So…you want to personalize a Valentine’s Day card with something heartfelt, romantic and special…but don’t really have a way with words or you’re finding it hard to get your feelings down with ink? Ahhh, let me help you. I love writing personalized messages in cards so here are a few suggestions, you can even copy them if you choose…however I do recommend tweaking a few words here and there so your significant other doesn’t suprisingly find it online.

1. If you’ve found your soulmate:

I never thought I would find my soul mate,
but then I met you.
You see something in me,
that I didn’t realize was there
and I saw something in you,
So beautiful,
So fair.
There’s no looking back now,
I know true love is there.
Because I found it in you.
I would do anything for you,
anytime and anywhere.
Thank you for showing me the light of love.
I love you.

2. Playful boyfriend and girlfriend.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You make me so happy,
I love you.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
When you’re not around,
I’m always thinking of you.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your kisses are so soft,
And your giggles super cute.

3. Romantic to spouse or partner:

God led me to you.
He knew our love would be true.
Filled with joy and gratitude,
Even on rainy days,
Our sky is always blue.
Your love is like chocolate,
Melting sweetness in my heart.
Your voice is like a symphony,
More beautiful than Mozart.

I’ll think of more. Any special requests??

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Time is Ticking- My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions


For 2015 I have two New Year’s Resolutions and maybe they can inspire your own in some way.

1. Water – I want to appreciate the little things in life we take for granted more. So this year, I will appreciate and dive in to everything “water”. How? I will drown my body in warm baths and feel the beauty of the water on my skin…appreciating every drop. I will drink water and feel it quenching my thirst for hydration, moisture through my skin, and health benefits. And most of all, I will swim deep into the ocean further than before without worrying about sharks or jellyfish. Those are two animalistic fears of mine and they’ve stopped me from enjoying my time in the ocean. Constantly looking out for sharks, not going out to far…screw it. It’s better to live with the beauty of the water than die fearing it.

2. Do something AMAZING – Because I can. Because I feel so strongly of the fact that humans can accomplish much more than what we think and if I can do something so incredible that no one would ever think I could do…then I’ve proved that I’m right. I will be the example.

Now here’s a little advice I keep telling myself to help me set small goals and get things accomplished on the road to my resolutions…If there are 365 days in this year and you promise and commit to do at least one thing each day for your resolution, then you can get alot accomplished. Just at least one thing. Even if it’s small, it makes the whole idea of the resolution so much easier. So in reach.

Let’s do it people! 😁 Time is a ticking.

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An Angel in Disguise


In my late teens I attended lots of parties. Every weekend one of our friends would throw them at their houses when their parents were away, we would find new older friends with apartments we could party at, and if there wasn’t a dwelling available, we’d find some old road or factory building to have one outside. These parties consisted of 10 to 20 people. There would be tons of alcohol, music and fun!

During those days, I had a pretty rocky relationship with a guy we can call…”kevin”. That’s not his real name but I don’t want to blast the actual guy in public. So…I was young and naive and thought Kevin was the one. He could be really funny and loving sometimes but most of the time we were fighting. I found out numerous times he cheated on me…one time he admitted to my face. I was hurt but didn’t have the courage to leave him. I was “comfortable” with him and forgiveness is a strong trait of mine. But I wasn’t happy.

My closest friends would tell me to break up with him and how I deserved better. But my only motive for action was the words “I know.. I know…”. But I guess I didn’t really know because I stayed with him. Then I met an angel.

One Friday night, I was at a party at a friend’s house. This was one of the big ones…about 25 people. Some I knew…some I didn’t. Now let me explain, even though I didn’t know some of them personally – I still knew a ton about them. I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone’s business. So anyway…I met a girl.

I knew her name and I knew she had a very big drug problem. Heroin to be exact. I never talked to her before or even saw her…I only heard how she used to get high with her father. So there she was in the kitchen walking her way over to me.

She came by and with a big smile she introduced herself and I the same. And after I told her my name she exclaimed…”So you’re the girl dating Kevin!” I said yea…. And she told me how she grew up around him because they used to be neighbors…and then she paused and looked at me curiously through my eyes and she said, “is he good to you? Because if he’s not you deserve better. You are a beautiful and sweet girl and he seems like a jerk. I wouldn’t picture him with a girl like you.”

Wow…how could she know? It’s as if she could read my mind. And even though my closest friends had told me something similar a hundred times before, hearing it from this girl felt different. It felt right. And that night I gathered up the courage to break up with Kevin and for not one moment ever looked back.

I don’t know why it is that someone we don’t even know can change our life so suddenly. That they can say something you’ve heard before, but somehow coming from them…it makes you listen. Because I thought if this girl with so many problems who doesn’t even know me, could see that I deserve better…well then she must be right. However, the story doesn’t end there.

About a week later one of my friends called me to tell me about this gruesome story that just hit the breaking gossip news of our town. That girl was in a drug house last night filled with heroin and drug addicts. Supposedly she was using and started to feel tired so she went upstairs to lay down in a bedroom. That night the drug addicts forgot about her and kept partying till early morning. And when it was time to go…one of her friends went upstairs to look for her and found her cold and dead in the bed.

Ever since, I think about that girl sometimes and I remember her. I thank her in heaven and see her as a beautiful angel. She helped me and I feel blessed that I got to meet her before she died. My angel in disguise.

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Outlook on the Forecast


I got some really great advice yesterday on how to look at and handle the up’s and down’s of everyday life. The good times and the bad times. The keyword for the lesson is “weather”.

She said something like…even God cannot make every day a beautiful sunny day. Sometimes there is rain and sometimes there are storms, ice on the road, tornadoes overhead, lightning in the sky, snow blocking you in, hurricanes blowing…but through life you learn how to drive your car safely through, you stock up on food early, you discover a rainbow, you get the shovels ready, you make a snow angel, you make an emergency evacuation plan…or you just sit it out. Either way, you can’t predict or change the weather of the days of your life.

But there is something for sure, something you can always count on. Another sunny day. It will come out and shine again. So no use in crying about bad weather. Just get through it the best way you know how and move on.

As long as all of us live on this earth, the weather is something we all have in common. We can’t deny it or escape it…It’s all around us. So learn to live with it.

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Tips for Ladies from My Grandma – A Classy Vixen

image I painted this for my grandma for a Christmas present. It says “Hello Beautiful” in French because she loves French art. My platinum blonde grandmother is the most glamourous, beautiful and classy woman I know. She loves gold, sequins and sparkles and Chanel No.5. She’s been applying her false voluptuous eyelashes on every day since she was 20 years old. So long and full, she has the personality to make them look natural.

Now I’m sharing with you some of her tips she’s engrained in my soul since I was a kid to all you beautiful ladies on how to stay classy.

1. Always wear perfume. She says a woman who wears perfume exhumes a beautiful aura around her to the world and men have instant attraction. Men prefer women who wear perfume.

2. Always look your best when you leave the house. Put your makeup on and dress classy because you never know who you’ll run into. Also, if you happen to faint or collapse from dieing at the local supermarket, you don’t want people crowding around you seeing you on the floor looking bad. Even when you die, you gotta look good. Lol

3. Wear your good stuff every day. We tend to save wearing our expensive jewelry, favorite stiletto heals, fancy dresses, or furs only on special occasions, but my grandma doesn’t think thats a good idea. She says those things won’t last forever and you may never have that perfect occasion to wear them and they’ll go years just sitting in your closet. Why not look fabulous every day?

4. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. It’s better to be the one at the party all dolled up than to be the one in sweatpants who doesn’t add up.

5. When and where to wear those 4 inch heel shoes. She says that going to dinner is the best time to wear those killer heels because you’ll be spending most of your time sitting down. All you have to worry about is walking from the car to the restaurant.